Service by Publication

If you do not know where the other party is and cannot find him you will need to service by publication. As a practical matter this will probably not be used to seek an increase in child support, as told by your dedicated St Petersburg, Florida divorce attorneys. Do not know where the other party is and probably are not receiving the child support as required by the current Florida. In such a case it would probably be better off trying to go to your local Child Support Enforcement office to locate the other party and worry about it later.

If you are no longer financially able to pay the amount of Child Support required by the current order do you need to file a petition immediately. Your child support counselor, can assist you if need be.  Even if you have not been saying because there was no address to which to send the payment child support arrearage is will keep growing so do not wait.

Note: Service by publication is one of the more complicated procedures and the legal system follow the steps listed below very carefully.

The Diligent Search

The court will only permit publication when you cannot locate the other party. This includes the situation where the sharpest tried several times to personally serve the other party for the pair the other parties hiding to avoid being served. First you need to show that you cannot locate the other party by telling the court what you have done to try to find him or her.

To get an idea of what is expected of such a search, download the Affidavit of diligent search and inquiry form. You should try all the items listed in the form that you believe might lead you to find the other party. Some of these will apply to everyone but others will only be used if they would apply to the other party in your case. Here’s an example you know that the other party is never engaged in the job which might be under Reddit any kind of professional occupational licensing. In this situation you would not be expected to make that kind of a search. If you do come up with the current address in Florida go back to first service. If not continue with this procedure.  If you’re dealing with a Family Law Lawyer located in st petersburg,Florida, your options are limited.  Seek counsel as soon as possible.